A Beginners guide to Fostering the culture of entrepreneurship in your children

You can support your children in becoming financially independent and self reliant as they grow up, by fostering the culture of entrepreneurship in them. You can’t just tell your children about entrepreneurship and be ensured that they are ready for it. It is a gradual process. You as a parent are required to involve actively in the development of your child.

The formal education system build base of a child and is very important. But we changing era, we can’t totally depend on it to meet the changing demands. Even after becoming educated, there are some factors that act as obstacles in achieving financial independence. The factors mainly constitute of fear, laziness, negativity, arrogance and bad habits. One is more prone to these factors in their teenage. By guiding your children right and helping them overcome these obstacles, you can foster a culture of entrepreneurship in them.

Fear is the biggest obstacle in the road of success. Fear of losing anything including money should be fought in early ages to build a great base for success. One can’t fulfill their dreams until they are fearless in their approach. There is no rich person who never lost money and there are many poor people who never lost money. It is on you what you want to be.

Laziness is inculcated mostly by the parents who tend to provide everything for the comfort of their children. This is the thing that may seem good for them but is not. You must motivate your children to complete their tasks on their own from a very young age.

Negativity is something that can ruin anything. A belief that it is not feasible to attain good things, restrain many people from taking the venture of entrepreneurship. Doubtfulness regarding success is the major shortcoming that can make you lag behind. Try to make your children more optimistic by talking about challenges of your life and how you overcame them. You can give references of other successful people.

Arrogance is a trait that mars the most in path of success. An arrogant person has no spirit to seek information. Guide your children to be open to seek information regarding which they lack information. For example if your child is week in sports, you can hire a good coach for him/her which will help him/her to grasp new things and understand the necessity of learning. Fighting with their arrogant behave will help them a lot in entrepreneurship.

One’s habits play an important role in building him/her more than even the education. You can help your children in building good habits by building them yourselves. Parents are the greatest teachers a child learns from. If you wake up early and carry all your morning rituals, your child will learn the same.

We need to understand the need to help our children build the behavioral aspects that can helpthem in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

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